Little Bird Cafe: Very pretty meals that aren't awful to eat

Lately Madam Rabbit, Ms. Grey and I have been trying out hands at Northbridge Yoga on Sunday mornings.  It's ok.  There's lots of bending and stretching and that bit's fine, but then sometimes they make you chant 'Ommmm' and I'm not into that bit so much.  Also it's early in the morning and often I'm hungover at that time. So, in lieu of yoga one Sunday morning, we went out for greasy breakfast instead.  Less stretching, less weird chanting, also less yoga pants but overall I think a fair trade.  

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Chapels on Whatley: A perfect setting for your next oriental tea party

A Sunday brunch with Marmite, Midnight Oil, Ms Grey, Madam Rabbit and I at Chapels on Whatley, a quaint and somewhat oddball cafe in the curious suburb of Maylands. 

Chapels describes itself on its website as the sum of three separate components: 

  1. a retail store for 'Chapels Fine Teas'; 
  2. the Chapels Cafe; and
  3. an Antiques and Artifacts Emporium. 

I'm staggered to realise this only now, but we limited ourselves to the Cafe and did not check out the Emporium.  Perhaps next time.  

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Shadow Wine Bar: The Incident Report

To celebrate my birthday, Mr and Ms Foodie, Madam Rabbit and the Pretty Shit Farmer accompanied me to the Shadow Wine Bar, a fancy'ish restaurant that is attached to the new boutique Hotel Alex on William Street, Northbridge. 

We left having been adequately fed and watered, and with one of us wearing more red wine than she drank. It was an ok night, all things considered. 

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The Cabin: Arguably Ron Swanson's Favourite Small Bar

For the very first Perth Food Underground dinner, a mix of our regulars (that did not know each other previously - which is kind of the point of the PFU Project) hit up the Paddington Ale House for a pre-dinner drink and then the Cabin for an evening of getting-to-know-you food.  

The Cabin smashed it - and was able to impress us almost as much as 'the Paddo' didn't. 

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Lalla Rookh: You have to Rookh very hard to find it

A group of seven ate at Lalla Rookh as the final warm up for the Perth Underground Dinners, but we actually sat down for the meal over a month ago now and I've just been way behind on writing it up.  As a result some of the comments are probably a little bit vague, as they're based on people's scribbled down notes and emails from a few days afterwards. Apologies.  

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