Chapels on Whatley: A perfect setting for your next oriental tea party

A Sunday brunch with Marmite, Midnight Oil, Ms Grey, Madam Rabbit and I at Chapels on Whatley, a quaint and somewhat oddball cafe in the curious suburb of Maylands. 

Chapels describes itself on its website as the sum of three separate components: 

  1. a retail store for 'Chapels Fine Teas'; 
  2. the Chapels Cafe; and
  3. an Antiques and Artifacts Emporium. 

I'm staggered to realise this only now, but we limited ourselves to the Cafe and did not check out the Emporium.  Perhaps next time.  

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Eagle Bay Brewery: A place so pretty it should be ill-eagle (get it?)

We are now stretching the limits of 'Perth' food, but during the ANZAC Long Weekend Mr. and Ms Foodie, Marmite and Midnight Oil, Madam Rabbit and Mr Blue (i.e. moi) spent a glorious Saturday at the Eagle Bay Brewery (unsurprisingly located in Eagle Bay, just past Dunsborough). It was good. Real good. Bette Midler wind beneath my wings type good.  

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Big Els: Meh, I've had bigger..

To celebrate the return of Mr and Ms Foodie (from an 8 week American/South American odyssey) and to mourn the departure of Rose Gold and the Rose Gold BF Experience (they are leaving to live in the UK for 12 months), what has been the standard group of 8 visited Big Els Latin American Fusion in Northbridge. Overall I think we'd probably agree it was more of a 'Medium Sized Els' experience

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