Lady of Ro: Always bring wine for the recently-pregnant

On a rainy Friday afternoon, Mr Blue and the Artist Formerly Known as Ms Pregbot, along with Ms Pregbot's new young son and first time reviewer, the Prince of Margs (note: we were initially going to go with 'Vomit Machine', but decided that might have unintended implications for a Food Blog), check out a new cafe with a bit of buzz on Rokeby Road, the Lady of Ro. 

Only a short visit, we were keen to see what the buzz was about.  Find out below. 

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Eagle Bay Brewery: A place so pretty it should be ill-eagle (get it?)

We are now stretching the limits of 'Perth' food, but during the ANZAC Long Weekend Mr. and Ms Foodie, Marmite and Midnight Oil, Madam Rabbit and Mr Blue (i.e. moi) spent a glorious Saturday at the Eagle Bay Brewery (unsurprisingly located in Eagle Bay, just past Dunsborough). It was good. Real good. Bette Midler wind beneath my wings type good.  

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