Romany: Somany reasons not to return

I know nothing about Rugby, but Madam Rabbit and I had been convinced to accompany Ms. Grey (a Nu Zulander) to watch the World Cup Final at the Sports Bar in Northbridge.  

We decided to try out somewhere new for dinner on the way, and for some reason ended up at Romany, on the corner of Aberdeen and Lake Streets.  Was it good?  No, it wasn't. 

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Duende: No idea how to pronounce it, let's call it Dewey for short

Duende sits about a 200m walk away from the main Leedy Cafe strip, and offers some more Leederville-Spanish tapas options.  We trundled down for a feed following a WAFL match, and none of us can remember much of it..  this is probably a review you can skip - but, uh, at least the photos are ok?  

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Pinchos: Pinch Me

For our second Perth Food Underground dinner a group of six (Mr Blue, Madam Rabbit, the Irish Hawk, Red Jocks, the Gingham Surprise and the Architect's Daughter) visited Pinchos, a small Spanish tapas joint in Leederville. 

I understand that Pinchos used to be some kind of fancy hotdog venue, serving up sausages slightly more dressed up than the Bunning's Special. Now, however, it's something much warmer, much classier, much more worth a visit. 

Read on to find out why. 

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Shadow Wine Bar: The Incident Report

To celebrate my birthday, Mr and Ms Foodie, Madam Rabbit and the Pretty Shit Farmer accompanied me to the Shadow Wine Bar, a fancy'ish restaurant that is attached to the new boutique Hotel Alex on William Street, Northbridge. 

We left having been adequately fed and watered, and with one of us wearing more red wine than she drank. It was an ok night, all things considered. 

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The Old Crow: [Jon Snow joke goes here]

A dinner for 5 at one of Northbridge's flagships, the Old Crow, on Newcastle Street (just a few houses down from another Northbridge favourite, the Tuck Shop). For this visit we had three newcomers to Perth Food Blog, being The Double Pork Belly and Preggers McGee (a couple) and the Pretty Shit Farmer (a sexy third wheel). 

How did the Old Crow do?  Let's find out.. 

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The Cabin: Arguably Ron Swanson's Favourite Small Bar

For the very first Perth Food Underground dinner, a mix of our regulars (that did not know each other previously - which is kind of the point of the PFU Project) hit up the Paddington Ale House for a pre-dinner drink and then the Cabin for an evening of getting-to-know-you food.  

The Cabin smashed it - and was able to impress us almost as much as 'the Paddo' didn't. 

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Lalla Rookh: You have to Rookh very hard to find it

A group of seven ate at Lalla Rookh as the final warm up for the Perth Underground Dinners, but we actually sat down for the meal over a month ago now and I've just been way behind on writing it up.  As a result some of the comments are probably a little bit vague, as they're based on people's scribbled down notes and emails from a few days afterwards. Apologies.  

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