Introspective (i.e. boring) Stuff

Some short notes on Perth Food Blog's recent radio silence: 

  • Food blogging stopped being fun. 
  • After a little while, I started feeling the pressure to post a new review every week or every so-often, which made the whole thing feel like a job. 
  • A few people let me know that the earlier reviews were better than my later reviews.  I agreed with them and felt that I should stop writing them if they were going to look half arsed. 
  • I've thought about it some more and realised that this thing is whatever I want it to be, and I would rather post some things whenever I can be bothered, rather than giving up altogether.  
  • I like the bullet point format posts, but rather than feeling like I need to come up with bullet points to fit within each set category I think I will find it easier to only note something if I have something / can remember something worth noting.  
  • Most people just look at the pictures anyways. 
  • I'm going to stop writing in the 'royal we'.  Aside from the Irish Hawk, who has very generously contributed the Doughnut Diaries series, the writing here has all been mine.  I may as well just write in the first person.  No-one is buying my faux-collective. 
  • I hear Instagram lets you run two accounts from your phone now.  That's cool.  

Hope you've all been well.