Kailis Trigg Beach: Presenting the Pavlova Dove

Two walk-ins alongside a beautiful sunset at Kailis Trigg Beach.  


  • Madam Rabbit was very happy with the bread that came as a starter.  I thought it was ok, but perhaps needed dukkah, balsamic vinegar or anything really to break it up a bit.  
  • I was very happy with my entree, which was the scampi that was offered as a special that day.  The figs it came with were a wonderful contrast to the buttery / aoili / mayo like sauce served over the scampi.  I would've liked slightly more scampi, but overall it was good value for $25.  
  • I had the Rankin Cod as a main and thought it was a bit boring.  A bit too close to a Sunday TV dinner, with three separate components offering very few integrated flavours.  
  • Madam Rabbit thought her risotto was ok, but not worth $27.  She has said this many times before, with risotto, and I think there probably is a premium associated with risotto simply because it's a bit hard to cook.  Vegetarian risotto therefore ends up being hard to cook, and thus expensive, but without any flavours or ingredients justifying the high cost.  
  • The desserts, a chocolate mousse and pavlova, were divine.  I would love to come by another time, watch the sunset and just order desserts.  Pavlova was the star with truly wonderful flavours, texture, and balance.  The Mousse was good but I found it difficult to break the biscuit in the jar / glass making it kind of a one bite affair, which leads to a very rich, one-note mousse. Either way, highly recommend you sticking around for dessert.   


  • As a Gage Roads Shareholder, I'm very happy to see the restaurant serving GRB's delicious Little Dove on tap.  


  • Service was very good.  We didn't have any reservation but the team were able to seat us and attend to us well throughout the evening, offering a good balance between being available when required and leaving us alone when not required.  Our waitress was lovely and also gorgeous, which might not have changed the flavour of the food but definitely helped things overall.  
  • I think the head water / front of house person might have previously worked (or still works sometimes?) at Crema Cafe in West Perth.  If it is the same guy I can say with confidence the guy is a pro and will be a real asset to their team there.  


  • This is where the place kills it.  This place would have to be one of the top 5 in Perth to eat at sunset time.  A gorgeous setting, swimming with thick sunset light, making everything you eat taste luxe and everyone you see look content with life.  
  • Really liked the stonework fireplace set in the centre of the building contrasted against the wooden slats on the ceiling.  I won't try to deconstruct what they've done here because I will do a poor job of it, but I think they have really hit it out of the park when it comes to the look and feel of the place.  


Hadn't been here before and thoroughly enjoyed what we discovered.  The main courses was disappointing, but the first course gives me faith that I simply chose a rare blip on the menu - and Madam Rabbit is a vegetarian so she simply has to get used to picking the blips going forward.  The ambience, the service, the prices all combine to offer up what is a compelling option for those looking to bring loved ones to a sunset dinner.  

Grab yourself a Little Dove and maybe a Pavlova (and if this isn't already a thing I suggest we call it the 'Pavlova Dove') and settle in to watch the sunset. Sounds delightful.  

8 Pavlova Doves out of 10  

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