Deja Vu: Feels like this food has disappointed us before?

A review split over two visits to the Deja Vu restaurant in Northbridge.  One to the rooftop restaurant and one to the Tapas Restaurant.  Both trips identified nice drinks, average-to-poor food and decent service.  


Some context: 

  • First visit was just Madam Rabbit and I
  • Second visit was Madam Rabbit, the Artist Formerly Known as Pregbot, Mr Macron and I
  • We might need to revisit some of these codenames.. 


  • On the first visit I started with the prawn crepe and thought it was delicious.  Worth a try.  
  • Madam Rabbit started with the hummus and it was spectacularly boring compared to my crepe and for the price.  The hummus to bread ratio was again fairly out of whack.  Restaurants need to get better at that - it's kind of their job.  
  • As a side we had the 'torn potatos', which were bland and not something to come back for
  • I had fish for main.  The fish itself was quite nice, but the stuff it came out with was pretty poor.  I was disappointed. 
  • Madam Rabbit had something described on the menu as the 'Magic Delight', which was essentially a vegetarian tasting plate.  She said it was fine, but she thought more appropriately should have been about half its $34 sticker-price. 
  • For the second visit, tafka Pregbot and I went with tasting plates, and Madam Rabbit and Mr Macaron went with a selection of tapas style meals. 
  • All of the food was fine, but a long way from spectacular.  I can't be bothered noting anything in particular.  It was that kind of 'meh'. 
  • Mr Macaron had the crepe and again said it was very nice.  Definitely worth ordering if you do give the place a go. 
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  • The cocktails were much, much better than anything we ate.  
  • Madam Rabbit wanted to note the straws were bamboo recycled wonder-cylinders, and thinks the restaurant should be heartily rewarded for going this path. 
  • The espresso martini equivalent and the margerita equivalent were served in some fairly fancy vessels. Very impressive.  
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  • Both times the service was pretty poor.  
  • Points to a random waiter (not ours) on our first visit who saw that Madam Rabbit had nowhere to put her bag (the tables are quite small upstairs) and he went and got her an extra chair for it without asking.  Well done.  A shame we didn't get him all night - our waitress was fairly uninspired. 
  • For the second visit I had specifically asked to be put into the restaurant (middle floor) rather than the rooftop, as we had been on the rooftop the first time around and their stools are malevolent.  When we arrived they again told us we were upstairs, but I cracked the shits and they eventually put us on a table in the restaurant. 
  • Service in the restaurant was slow, slow slow.  
  • Very weirdly, they sent out all the tapas meals that Madam Rabbit and Mr Macaron had ordered first, as if they were entrees, and then brought our the tasting plates for tafka Pregbot and I second.  It made for a very disjointed meal.  Poor form. 
  • Also, because we ordered a tasting plate, we didn't really know what was to be served.  And each time a tapas meal was brought out it was never really explained.  So when I would ask, 'is this part of the tasting plate, or is it more food for those two?' (i.e. implying to the dude, 'hey, where is our food?  why are you only bringing food for half the table?) he would get a bit grumpy and say it was more tapas meals.  He even went so far as to say 'I will tell you when it's your food'.  
  • He kind of missed the point - it was a very weird and very shit way to experience the menu. 


  • The stools at the roof top are unforgivable.  They have to get rid of them.  No exceptions - they are a terrible decision. 
  • Everything else about the place feels great!  The rooftop (with proper back support) could be an awesome place for a after work drink or a casual feed.  
  • The restaurant proper has a wonderful vibe also, and if they picked the food up a few notches it could be a real destination venue.  


Food disappointing.  Cocktails great!  Service disappointing.  Ambience (kind of) great.  Prices toppy.  

Don't visit unless you have to, but if you do, load up on impressive cocktails and seafood crepes. If they try to put you on a stool scream bloody murder. 

5.5 'I will tell you when its your food' out of 10. 

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