Aravina Estate: Helicopter parking at rear

Party of eight at the grown-up winery, Aravina Estate


  • I ordered the kingfish starter and thought it was perhaps a bit small.  It was good, perhaps just ok, but definitely not amaze-balls. 
  • The Fresh Tomato Tart was pleasant, although despite the strong flavours Madam Rabbit and I thought the pastry was just a bit much.  Not a good pastry to flavour ratio.  The Rose Gold Boyfriend Experience thought it was very enjoyable though. 
  • The Rose Gold Boyfriend Experience Brother Experience was delighted with his Jindong Pork and Rabbit Terrine, saying the flavour was delicious.  He did however comment there was perhaps a bit too much lettuce.  I have to agree.  None of us were sure if it was meant to be part of the meal or just decorative.  
  • Rose Gold could not have raved about her Silken Chicken Salad more.  At one point she said there was a tiny spider in the dish, and I wasn't quite sure if she was joking or not, but either way she said that even with the spider it was delectable.  
  • The Rose Gold Boyfriend Experience noted the pork was cooked perfectly and the jus complemented the dish very well.  He said that overall, the dish was amazing.  A very happy camper. 
  • Rose Gold said that while she liked her Slow Cooked Duck, the seeds were a curious choice.  Were they grape seeds?  We weren't sure.  She didn't think they were necessary and left her confused.  
  • I thought the barramundi dish was pretty good, though there weren't many mussels that come with it.  The fish came with a delicious crispy skin.  Unfortunately it seems that for some stupid reason I didn't get a photo of the dish.  
  • Chips were very chippy. 
  • Unfortunately we had to skiddadle and begin the trip back to Perth just as the desserts were served.  They looked delicious but otherwise I can provide no comments.  


  • It's a winery, and so they have plenty of wine but no beer or cider.  I guess I understand this but at the same time think it probably wouldn't kill them to stock some local beers and ciders.  


  • The service was a bit poor in parts, to be honest.  Our waiter came across as a bit pretentious and kind of mean.  He did everything but outright insult us upon us asking if there were any beer / ciders available ".. uh, no, we are a winery..." and had this weird habit of deliberately mispronouncing everything we ordered 'one wat-errr certainly'
  • Also we asked the waiter for another bottle of soda 'wat-errr' but it never arrived. 
  • At one point there was literally a lunch guest who arrived with his wife in his own helicopter.  The restaurant met him at the helicopter landing pad to present the couple with two champagnes upon their arrival.  Lovely service for him, but those of us who arrived by regular car felt like perhaps we received the B Team in our area.  
  • All that being said, we also had another waitress who attended to us occasionally and she was much much nicer.  


  • It is absolutely lovely everywhere you look, which is par for the course for Margaret River Wineries, but this one doesn't let anyone down.  
  • In addition to the lovely views all around the restaurant, there is an antique / classic car collection out the back, which served as an unusual but delightful tour between the mains and desserts. 


Pretty happy overall.  The waiter was an ugly smell on an otherwise excellent lunch.  A luscious setting, scrumptious food and precious wines all result in building an experience I would happily return to.  

8 helicopter ubers out of 10