Sayers Sister: 11 months in and the girls are still together

You may have noticed there hasn't been a lot of activity on Perth Food Blog lately.  It's no big deal, just life got busy and while there was time for eating, there wasn't a lot of time for food blogging.  

Last week I met up with a friend who we shall label Wild-in-Bali, and her recently-one-year-old daughter, who we shall label Princess C.  We visited Sayers Sister in North Perth.  It was only once I sat down and saw the menu I realised I had actually been to Sayers Sister 11 months earlier and was ready to do a review of the place when other life stuff got busy.  

So this is a strange write up where I look back over notes of Sayers Sister circa January 2016 and contrast them to Sayers Sister circa November 2016.  


  • The kitchen rewards bravery.  In January 2016 I went with their standard  'bruschetta' with bacon and, to be honest, it didn't hit the mark.  It's essentially toast, with sliced tomatos, feta and bacon stacked on top of each other and eggs on the side.  Sure, when you type it out like that it sounds exactly how bruschetta is made, but when you look at the plate you can see it's somewhat uninspired.  As if they took all the components of the dish and presented them in a particular order and didn't think about how the meal might be to eat.  
  • The other January 2016 dishes, however, were delightful. The cornbread and the lamb dishes received rave reviews.  
  • In November 2016 I went with the croquettes and found them to be delicious.  I didn't get a usable photo unfortunately, but the flavours were great and I left feeling very satisfied.  Unlike the bruschetta from some 11 months ago, the meal felt thought through and cohesive rather than a jumble of elements stacked together.  
  • Overall I would say the food at Sayers Sister very good - on par with something like the Tuck Shop; serving fulsome, satisfying meals jammed with flavour. 


  • Saaaaaannngrrriiiiaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaahhahahaaaaaaaa
  • Also, a delicate mimosa for those not looking to get drunk and hyperactive on the delicious, delicious sangria. 
  • Coffees and stuff too, I guess? 


The January 2016 service was unfortunately a little bit average, although to be fair to our waitress it was quite busy the Sunday morning we visited.  

November 2016 service was better, although still for a semi-full Wednesday morning it could have been a lot better.  A long time to get a coffee order, which then went missing and had to be followed up, and then difficult to get their attention for a meal order / the bill.  Nothing terrible - no-one spat on us - but could be an area they could improve on.  


The Place feels great.  It has a shabby-chic vibe to it with lots of exposed brick and woods (some painted, some not - all woody).  It has an excellent and somewhat eclectic selection of chairs with back support, and while ordinarily I'm a fan of things that match, I'm completely fine with them prioritising comfort and back support over conformity so well done team Sayers. 


A great feed that will serve your alcohol with your brunch and I'm all for that.  The prices aren't too bad, though like always I'd prefer they were a few dollars less.  Service could be a bit better, but other than that I really can't fault it.  If you're a North Perthian you definitely need to grab some friends and head down there and so long as you're in no rush you won't be disappointed.  


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