Theo and Co: Pizzas and skulls for no reason

Madam Rabbit, the Amazonian, the Walking Inheritance and I visit Theo and Co Pizzeria in East South Park (aka. Vic Park) before heading to see Wicked at Crown.  How was it?  Well it was pizza, so it was awesome, but for pizza, it was just ok. 


  • Creamy Chicken Pasta - A very satisfying pasta dish.  Pasta cooked very nicely, enough chicken so that I didn't feel ripped off (though the price was a very reasonable $16 anyways) and plenty of shaved parmesan served on the size for you add to taste.  Very happy with this dish.  
  • Greek Salad - yeah, look, it's just a salad, isn't it.  It was nice.  It's a good idea to order one alongside the massive carb-session but you don't win any friends with salad.  
  • Lamb Pizza - a real disappointment.  The topping was good enough but the base of the pizza was almost chewy.  I'm a fan of a good wood fired pizza, and this is a long way away from that.  They don't have too be wood fired to be good, though.  I think the best pizza I've had in Perth is from a kiosk-sized restaurant called Antonios Pizza in Rossmoyne - and that's not wood fired but rather made from an industrial-sized pizza cooking machine.  I couldn't see into the kitchen at Theo & Co to see how they cook theirs, but for a pizza joint I was really disappointed with what they put out.  
  • Market Garden (i.e. vegetarian pizza) - As above.  The topping was ok, the base was a disappointment.  


  • We visited in early January on a very hot day, and I made a note that they were serving us room-temperature water.  They should stop doing that. Refrigerated bottles of water should be the standard now I think.  It didn't help that we could see the service staff drinking cold water behind the counter. I saw them and quietly fumed, sweating and moodily drinking my luke-warm shit.   


  • Service was pretty good, all things considered. 
  • You have to walk up to the counter to order your food so service is pretty much limited to them bringing the food to you, but they did that well enough. 
  • We made a note that on the day we visited it seemed like every service person was a young lady wearing very short shorts. Drinking cold water. Maybe they have a uniform change in winter I'm not sure.  


  • I very much like the look of the place, though it seems wildly out of place and I don't get it at all. 
  • They have done a great job of leaving framed squares of exposed brickwork with various ornaments on them. It looks awesome.  
  • They've also scattered skull ornaments throughout. I don't get it but it looks awesome. 
  • There is a very real disconnect between the pretty waitresses wearing standard uniforms, the family name of the restaurant and the grungey industrial look of the place. I love the look, but some things suggest it's a family bistro and other things suggest it's an alternative edgy joint. Felt like the waiter should have a massive beard and tattoos, serving me something with quinoa in it. 



I had been looking forward to trying this place for almost a year before we finally made it out there, and unfortunately when we finally tried it out I was a little disappointed.  The place is a pizza joint but its pizza is average at best.  I can't put my finger on exactly why the crust / dough was so disappointing but it really is a let down.  It was really a hot day when we visited and I'm sure I was cranky with the heat, with almost no breeze through the venue and lots of people crammed in, many of them perched on those god awful no-back-support stools, but as I looked around while munching on our disappointing pizza I eventually came to the conclusion that I didn't want to come back.  Bit of a shame, really, but there it is.  

5 short-short waitresses out of 10

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