Gusto: A photographical journey exploring brunch, beneficiaries and bread

A year ago, Madam Rabbit and the Walking Inheritance returned to Gusto for another go.  It was equally delicious.  With such a long time since eating and without any notes, however, I won't have any comments but I may as well post the photos.  


  • It's always a very pretty plate at Gusto.  
  • Also, there are cakes in the window.  


  • Teas and coffees were made available. 


  • You approach the counter to order your food, and then they will bring it to your table.  
  • It can be very difficult to get a table at certain times, and you may have to wait outside.  


  • Largely the same since the first time we visited.  Good feel, a little cramped in spots. 
  • They still have the terrible terrible stools and you should fight like hell to make sure you don't end up on one. 


I have fond memories.  Give it a visit.  No rating as I don't remember enough about this particular outing.  Photos look good though.