Matilda Bay Restaurant: An expensive booth

Again celebrating Madam Rabbit's birthday, Madam Rabbit, the Walking Inheritance and I fancy-pants it up at Matilda Bay Restaurant.  


  • I had the cured kingfish and found it to be a bit of a let down.  The grapefruit was too overwhelming and all of the other flavours were blown away.  
  • Madam Rabbit and the Walking Inheritance had what I think was the pumpkin carpaccio.  Unfortunately I didn't note the name of the dish down at the time, but noted down Madam Rabbit said it was ok but nothing brilliant.  It's very hard to do something incredible with vegetarian food, but unfortunately the kitchen wasn't able to dazzle with this one.  
  • I had the barramundi and TWI went with salmon for the main.  Both were delicious.   Wonderful job by the chef here - very happy. 
  • Madam Rabbit had the zucchini flowers and said they were ok, but not great.  Madam Rabbit can sometimes find goats cheese to be a bit much in large doses and said it was a bit overwhelming in this dish.  Others might find the flavours to be great but wasn't for us on this occasion.  
  • Creme Brule and Doughnut were fine desserts, but nothing super great.  Would have preferred something from MOP or TopDup.  The shortbread come pavlova strip that came with the Brule was probably the highlight - which probably wasn't what they were going for? 
  • Overall, the food was a little bit disappointing.  I had been to Matilda Bay for a work lunch about six months prior and was absolutely blown away by how good the food was, and unfortunately our meal this time fell a fair way short.  


  • No real comments. 


  • Service was very hit and miss.  One of the waiters, the man who brought us to our seats on arrival, was top notch.  Noticed when my soda water with lime was served by someone else without lime and came shortly afterwards to fix it, even though we weren't his table.  
  • Unfortunately however the other waitress we had didn't pay us much attention. 
  • I suspect the girl we had was a bit overstretched, as she seemed to be covering a few high-maintenance tables (including one guy who complained about his food, asking that the chef provide him with some sort of sauce with which to cover his meat - ballsy) but it did mean we had trouble getting drinks / dessert / the bill / someone to provide money to.  


It's a lovely spot and definitely somewhere that has the potential to impress.  

Unfortunately we were sat in a booth up against the wall (it's possible they could tell from my outfit we weren't their traditional old-money clientele) and I found the seat and table to be extremely uncomfortable.  It's worth asking for another seat if you find yourself shown to a booth.  


Very expensive and probably overpriced for what we got.  I enjoyed my fish but the rest of it, including our waitress, wasn't worth the price.  I have been here on other occasions however where they have been outstanding, so it's possible we just caught them on an off night.  

7 limes served on the side out of 10

(note that while waiting to get someones attention to pay our bill I had enough time to create this instagram-worthy shot at the counter.. and I'm terrible at that kind of thing so we're talking a little while)

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