The Old Crow v2: Nothing to crow about

Madam Rabbit and I check out the Old Crow, recently taken over by new owners.  


  • You can see from our previous review they have changed the menu around some, but many of the old favourites (i.e. mostly the starters - dirty potatos, brussels sprouts, hush puppies) remain.  Some of the interesting meals that really conveyed the 'rich food' theme of the past menu (piggy bits, smokey eggplant, beef flank) are no more.  
  • We ordered the Brussels Sprouts, Hush Puppies and Mac n Cheese to begin and were pretty disappointed with all of them.  The hush pupies in particular though were dry and pathetic.  The Brussels Sprouts bordering on burnt.  The Mac n Cheese was ok, but came out almost watery and somewhat bland.  Not a great start.  
  • Madam Rabbit chose the Gnocchi for main and said it was boring.  She also noted it seems a bit of a rip off when you look at what comes out, but I'm not sure how long it takes to make gnocchi - I assume it's a time intensive process.  Personally I don't mind the cost of the gnocchi but it needs to taste good! 
  • I went with the sirloin fillet and found it to be very nice.  Much better than the starters, and definitely justifying $35. 
  • We got a house salad.  It was exactly how you imagine a house salad to be.  
  • No desserts this time.    


  • I tried the espresso martini and found it to be pretty good.  I'm not qualified to comment in the same manner you might find at the Espresso Martini Appreciation Society, but I can say it came out in a traditional and chilled glass, a concise level of foam, with a three bean garnish and chocolate dust.  I found it to be perhaps a little sweet, but otherwise no complaints.  Would drink again.  


  • Service was friendly and attentive.  Thumbs up for service.  


  • I very much enjoy the feel of the Old Crow and hope more and more restauranteurs will have a go at turning old homes into restaurant venues.  
  • Perhaps my only complaint would be that the chairs and tables aren't very comfortable.  They look the part, but are a bit too 1900s-classroom for my liking.  Back support, which is good, but very hard and harsh.   


An ok experience, good service and lovely feel to the place.  Unfortunately the new menu (or new kitchen?) is a step down from the old-Old Crow.  They've taken some of the heavy rich dishes from the menu, and the ones they kept are a woeful shadow of what they used to be.  My sirloin was pretty decent, but everything else from the kitchen was a let down.  The barman did an admirable job with his cocktail but couldn't save the night.  


5 missing piggy bits out of 10

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