Heirloom: Paleo food with neanderthal service

A while ago the Architect's Daughter and I had lunch at Pete Evans' paleo restaurant, Heirloom, in East Perth.  Notes and pictures below.  


  • The seed and nut loaf to begin with was good enough.  It's clearly not bread, and not really a bread replacement, but something else that's an equally good way to start the meal. Cashew Cheese had no taste and was there only to ensure the nut loaf wasn't dry, and I suggest it could do with a different name, too. 
  • I went with the Pork Ramen Broth to start and found it to be full of flavour, although probably could do with a bit more pork.  The flavour wasn't for me but that's not to say it's not a good dish - I think the regulars at Lucky Chan's Noodle Bar (i.e. fans of ramen) will enjoy this.  
  • The Architect's Daughter chose the Banana Flower Salad with Crispy Cashew Chicken and while neither of us could work out where / what a banana flower is, she thought the dish overall was fairly decent.  
  • For mains I had the Salmon and was completely satisfied.  The simple components and presentation of the dish undersell how enjoyable it was.  I've had a lot of fish mains lately and found this to be right up there. 
  • The Architect's Daughter had the Macadamia Crusted Chicken Schnitzel, but unfortunately I didn't note down her thoughts on the meal.  I might follow up with her and see if she can remember, although that's arguably not fair to the restaurant.  In any event it looks pretty good on the plate! 


  • We had wine.  It was white.  We would have liked some more but unfortunately couldn't order any.  See below. 


  • The service on the day was just plain bad.  We couldn't get anyone's attention to order either our food or any drinks, and the restaurant wasn't busy, either. 
  • Although we ordered the three course deal, for some reason our waitress had us down as ordering only the two course deal.  This shouldn't be any kind of hanging offence, except that when we went to order dessert were basically told we couldn't have any.  When I suggested we could perhaps 'stay' with the two course deal, and then order some desserts separately, I was met with a look of confusion. In the end we put it all in the too hard basket and left without our dessert.  
  • Really feels like the front-of-house staff let the kitchen down here as the food was overall pretty good. 


  • Although East Perth is heading in the right direction, with the Perth Stadium nearby and the Riverfront Development ongoing, it seems to me that Pete Evans has chosen a rather strange place for a restaurant that tries to be upmarket.  
  • It's similar to Rockpool, in that Rockpool is located within the very dingy Crown complex and looks out over a carpark that has seen more than one person stabbed - except Rockpool has at least been smart enough to drape the view with soft textured and seemingly-expensive curtains, such that the people inside can still try to feel fancy.  
  • Heirloom unapologetically celebrates its fairly average location and non-existent views (well, there is a view of a neighbouring apartment complex's carpark, I suppose), and that cheapens the experience.  


Good food.  Bad service.  Pretty average everything else.  Go here for a boozy work lunch, where you intend to get pissed and (1) serve yourself behind the bar and (2) forget about the very beige atmosphere. 

6 activated almonds out of 10

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