Porky's BBQ and Bar: Return of the Meatsweats

Ms Foodie and I check out Porky's BBQ and Bar for a quick visit and to get our meatsweats awwwwnn...

Disclaimer:  Unfortunately this review is a little stale, with Ms Foodie and I having visited Porky's a week or two after it opened, which is a while ago now.  As a result my memory is a bit hazy and I'm reliant on my notes.  Apologies if things are a little brief and/or vague! 


  • Beef Brisket: We each shared the 200g Beef Brisket and, in terms of size, this was perfect for us.  The beef itself carries a heavy smokey flavour, which is nice to begin with but, over time, perhaps gets a bit much. Unfortunately the brisket also started quite moist and enjoyable, but became a bit dry over time.  Not a bad meal, but it would have been nicer had it remained tender. 

Update:  I have since been back to try the brisket again and the second time was much better. Much more enjoyable when it doesn't dry out. 

  • Pork Ribs: I should confess, I am not a massive rib fan.  They're too hard to eat and the meat to bone ratio is way off. I've never understood people's fascination with them. Ms. Foodie, however, loves a bit of Flintstones-style feasting.. She has tried most ribs on offer throughout Perth and says while these ribs weren't bad, they certainly weren't something to rave about. They were just ok. 
  • Hush Puppies: These battered polenta balls were the winners of the night. Very tasty and combined well with the tangy mayo they were served with.  We noted though that it's a bit of a worry if the hush puppy sides were the best part of the meal. 
  • Slaw: Too expensive for what you get, and far too much mayo. We didn't finish it. 
  • Mac 'n Cheese: Quite nice, but unfortunately didn't stay hot.  Becomes much less enjoyable as it gets luke warm and then cold.  Disappointing by the end. 


A few beers on tap and some wine.  The only thing to note is that Ms Foodie was very happy with the generous pours (which, if the Dept. of Gaming, Racer and Liquor is reading, were of responsible sparkling waters only).


Our waiter was very friendly but, unfortunately, spread far far too thin.  It seemed to us he was looking after the entire room, and he struggled.  We had to wait quite a while to get his attention for drink orders, for food orders, for the bill.  It wasn't his fault but we couldn't help but leave feeling quite frustrated with the service. 


Porky's has a great feel to it.  It's a very comfortable place inside, with good seating, plenty of space.  There is an an old western feel in the upstairs dining room and a young western feel to the downstairs bar.  The cactus is real. I really like the look and feel of the place. 


A bit disappointing, overall.  I think their prices aren't outrageous, but could maybe stand a bit of a haircut to be more competitive against Old Faithful.  The $16 slaw stung and was hard to justify.  The other options weren't terrible prices but weren't dazzling taste wise. 

I hope they can jazz up their flavours a bit and take things up a notch, though, because I do like the place and hope it sticks around. It was very early on in the restaurant's story and I think they can be given a bit of a free pass as they get their groove on.  Might require another visit in a few months time to see if they've settled in.  

6 dry briskets out of 10

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