Lady of Ro: Always bring wine for the recently-pregnant

On a rainy Friday afternoon, Mr Blue and the Artist Formerly Known as Ms Pregbot, along with Ms Pregbot's new young son and first time reviewer, the Prince of Margs (note: we were initially going to go with 'Vomit Machine', but decided that might have unintended implications for a Food Blog), check out a new cafe with a bit of buzz on Rokeby Road, the Lady of Ro. 

Only a short visit, we were keen to see what the buzz was about.  Find out below. 


  • Prawn Linguine -  I ordered the Prawn Linguine and thought it was very good.  Fresh, crisp flavours and perfectly cooked pasta.  I thought perhaps the portions were perhaps a little small for the price at the time, but i didn't take a photo of the receipt and so I could be wrong on that. 
  • Vegetarian Ravioli - Both the Artist Formerly Known as Pregbot and the Prince of Margs enjoyed the vegetarian ravioli.  AFKaP noted, though, that although the dish was nice, it wasn't anything particularly special.  She's had that dish many times before and she liked this one, but it did nothing to rise above the many other versions of the same dish she has liked.  


As you can imagine, with any trip outside the house with the Prince of Margs the Artist Formerly Known a Ms Pregbot was keen to indulge in a wine.  Unfortunately, Lady of Ro is BYO only.  

Really, the blame has to go to Mr Blue for not doing his research beforehand. Note: If you're going out for lunch with a new mother - bring alcohol! 


Look, to be honest, our waiter meant well but let himself down by being too attentive. He regularly came out (perhaps once every five-ten minutes) to check on us and make sure we didn't need anything.  On it's own, that would be great I suppose, but then he kind of just hung around to chat with us and to gawk at the Prince of Margs.  

I suppose it's cute, and I don't want to be negative because he seemed like a nice guy, but it has to be said that it really did interrupt our conversations.  It got a bit annoying.  But then, he would go a long way to redeem himself by noticing the Prince had dropped some toy and being johnny-on-the-spot to be there and pick it up.  I'm torn - I like the guy, but I really think he could have stood to be less present. 

Otherwise, the meals came out quickly, everyone was friendly, points scored. 


The Lady of Ro is a lot smaller than I had appreciated.  I had thought perhaps there was a section out the back where it opened out for more seating, but there isn't.  I would say they could fit 10, maybe 20 tables of two at the absolute most.  It's nice though.  It's quaint and cosy.  It's just not really somewhere that gives off a classy restaurant vibe - it's very much more of a cafe, which I had not appreciated before going there. 

Tables and chairs out the front were a bit wonky due to the uneven sidewalk.  Tables inside looked nice, but perhaps a bit squished in.  Otherwise it's all fairly stylish, though maybe a bit safe and boring. 


I don't visit Subi all that often, but I would happily go back to the Lady of Ro.  I suppose though, if I'm being honest, I'm in no rush to do so and I wouldn't suggest it's somewhere you must make sure you visit as soon a possible.  It's lovely.  It's fine.  The food was very good and the service good enough. But, at the end of the day, Lady of Ro doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from the other cafes on the Rokeby Road strip.  It's like the Vegetarian Ravioli.  You will enjoy it.  It's pretty good.  Is that ok?  Sure it is!  But then the consequence of that is the Lady of Ro ends up as the kind of place you might try out when you've decided to visit the area.  It's not somewhere you would travel to just to dine there.  

Which is a bit of a shame, really, as I suppose I was hoping for something that little bit extra-special. 

6 overly-attentive French waiters out of 10