Pinchos: Pinch Me

For our second Perth Food Underground dinner a group of six (Mr Blue, Madam Rabbit, the Irish Hawk, Red Jocks, the Gingham Surprise and the Architect's Daughter) visited Pinchos, a small Spanish tapas joint in Leederville. 

I understand that Pinchos used to be some kind of fancy hotdog venue, serving up sausages slightly more dressed up than the Bunning's Special. Now, however, it's something much warmer, much classier, much more worth a visit. 

Read on to find out why. 


  • Bread - Bread good. Gluten free bread available. Came out with oil and balsamic. Good work. 
  • Iceberg Salad - Early on in the meal we were presented with an iceberg lettuce salad, which was essentially lettuce leaves, some shaved cheese and a vinegar dressing. It seemed really simple, and almost boring, but it came off as a great way to start the meal. 
  • Soup Shots - Not boring were the soup shots that came out next. From memory they were something like a sun dried tomato soup, with an olive on a toothpick on the top. They were a great combination, but it was an odd sensation to take them as a shot given the soup was pretty thick. Not bad - just unusual. 
  • Chorizo.. bites - I'm not 100% sure what were on these toothpicks but I definitely remember the chorizo. Very nice - but then, when is a bite of chorizo bad? 
  • Dirty Potatoes - I can't recall how these were described on the night but they were akin to the dirty potatoes served at the Old Crow - I loved the Old Crow's version and I loved these too.  
  • Mushroom.. dish - Didn't try these as I'm not a fan of mushrooms, but Madam Rabbit said they were very good. It's hard to provide a tapas tasting menu that provides for meat eaters and boring vegetarians alike, and so I think the Mushrooms were a good move. 
  • Arancini (?) - I'm pretty confident these came out as arancini balls with a meaty style risotto inside? Maybe? Or were they just crumbed meatballs? I don't know! Argh the challenges of the Chef's tasting menu!  In any event, these were delicious.  Very very very nice.  
  • Pork Belly Bites - Speaking of very very very nice, the Pork Belly Dish that came out next was equally fantastic. Another pork belly with enough fatty crisp to stick to your teeth (a la the Gordon Street Garage). Decadent. 
  • Bruschetta - The vegetarians were presented with a bruschetta while we feasted on deep-fried-riceandmeatballs and crispy pig bites. To be honest, this seemed a bit disappointing. A bit boring. Madam Rabbit said it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. 
  • Pulled beef (maybe?) - I'm sorry, I don't know what this dish was. The Sangria had had its way with me by this point. I don't remember if I liked it. I don't remember what it was. The photo is shit. Let's just pretend it didn't happen. 
  • Lemon Cake Dessert - Again, perhaps a little disappointing. It came out with a marscapone creamcheese, maybe? Is that right, Kitchen?  Perhaps someone can correct. It definitely came with a cherry liqueur, which we poured liberally all over the plate, but even with that I think perhaps it was a little bland. Photographed well though!  


As I said on our Instagram (we have an Instagram account now - we're cool, we're with it) -- SANNNGGRRRIIIAAAAAAAAAAAA! 

We ordered both white and red sangrias, as well as a separate bottle of red.  The sangria was lovely and very easy to drink. Dangerously easy.  Worth a try. 


Our service on the night was pretty good.  In fact, a diner on a table next to us actually stood up and declared to the (small) room how great our waitress was, and how we should just do whatever she suggested.  Seemed suspicious, but we went along with it and it ended up pretty well. 


Pinchos is quite a small venue - kind of a hallway with a small room at the back for bookings.  The tables and seats we had were cosy but they made it work.  

Toilets are communal with our restaurants in the area and outside, which meant we got a bit wet to and from visits to the bathroom (because it was raining! Weirdos.)


Pinchos is quite a nice place and definitely worth a visit with a small group (no more than six, I'd say).  The set menu was terrific value, providing a lot of food for $40 ($45 with dessert).  Probably the best value of any of the restaurants we have visited in the last 12 months. 

The food was, overall, quite good. There were a few misses and, like most places, vegetarians probably get a bit screwed - but certainly not a disappointment.  When paired with the sangria you and your party / date can have a great time. 


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