The Cabin: Arguably Ron Swanson's Favourite Small Bar

For the very first Perth Food Underground dinner, a mix of our regulars (that did not know each other previously - which is kind of the point of the PFU Project) hit up the Paddington Ale House for a pre-dinner drink and then the Cabin for an evening of getting-to-know-you food.  

The Cabin smashed it - and was able to impress us almost as much as 'the Paddo' didn't. 

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I'm so far behind in writing up reviews again that we ate this meal perhaps six weeks ago and I can't remember it that well. We were enjoying the conversation and all the 'getting to know you' available that I didn't take great notes, either.  As a result, this review is mainly photos and not great commentary. My apologies. 


  • We began the evening with starters of 'Barretts' breads (tip of the hat to the Cabin for not embracing the latest trend of serving 'Bread in Common' bread and acting pretentious about it), 'Goats cheese & basil gnocchi pops, roasted tomato, confit garlic aioli' (oh well we were able to avoid pretentiousness for at least a little while) and their version of chips, which was the 'Hot Potato' dish, with sour cream and chives. 
  • These starters were all very, very good (well, the bread was just bread, but it wasn't bad bread). Delish, and, while obviously the meals have the kind of jazzed up names you will see on reality television cooking competitions, their taste easily justified a bit of wankery. 
  • We then moved into the main meals, which were a mix of the Roast Carrots dish, a vegetarian version of the Pulled Turkey Tacos (so, uh, just salad tacos i guess?),  Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Pan Fried Little Squid (a ghastly imagine once you imagine their little squid screams), Pork Cheek, Rabbit Koftas, and maybe some other stuff too. 
  • These meals were all amazing. Even the vegetarian Pulled Turkey Tacos, which I assume were the exact same normal tacos meal for the exact same price just perhaps without the pulled turkey, provided a brilliant taste experience. 
  • Unfortunately I didn't take photos of all the dishes, but below is photos of the Baby Squid, the Rabbit Koftas, the vegetarian dishes and the Pork Cheeks. You can see the food at the Cabin is very well presented as well as delicious. 
  • The desserts were simply more of the same wowsers. 
  • I thoroughly recommend the Snickers in a Glass, which tasted as the chocolate bar does only so, so much better. 
  • The Banana Cream Pie and Chocolate Brownie Dish were also delightful and only slightly disappointing when compared to the brilliant Snickers in a Glass. 
  • I also ordered a single Peanut Butter Cup (presumably to tempt the 'wafer thin experiment') and although you don't get a great deal for $3.50, I wasn't too upset.  
  • I really cannot sufficiently emphasise how impressed I was with the Cabin's food. A great job by their team in the kitchen. 


  • Nothing to report once again. You can see what we ordered on the receipt.  They were all pretty good and standard Perth markups (which is to say, extreme). 


I'm afraid I didn't take many notes about the service, but as I recall we were all quite happy with them. 


  • The Cabin has a great feel to the place.  The atmosphere inside was delightfully warm and cabiney. 
  • We sat on the balcony outside and got a nice view of sleepy Mount Hawthorn (that is, the street outside). I suppose they can't help the lack of picturesque view outside, but it is a bit of a negative to look out onto the local optometrists. 
  • Toilets were clean, the room wasn't packed too full of customers. They've done a good job. 
  • Madam Rabbit wasn't super happy of the gratuitous use of taxidermy, but you have to admire their commitment to the theme. 


I was very impressed with the Cabin. To have started out at the Paddo, a dingey long in the tooth cross between a sports bar and a backpackers for old people, and have then graduated to something as nice as the Cabin, I'm very happy with the venue for our first Underground Dinner Club. It was great also to see people meeting each other for the first time over wine and good food. 

Really good food. As in, unbelievably really good food. Perhaps a bit on the pricey end at times considering the share plates aren't massive, the food hits every mark I was looking for and then introduced me to some new marks it could hit as well. The feel of the Cabin inside is spot on, and from my memory the service was fine too. 

I recommend you visit the Cabin. And then marry it. 

9 screaming baby squids out of 10

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