The Face On Mars: Sad faces all 'round..

The Face on Mars is a new(ish) restaurant / bar on William Street, in a venue that used to be called 'Maya Masala'.  I suspect the team behind Face on Mars might be the same team behind Maya Masala, as the old restaurant's name still remains sprinkled throughout the inside.  It's weird, sure, but whatever.  After you've been inside the Face of Mars for a little while you realise there are a lot of mistakes, but none as grave as your decision to enter.. 


  • The menu at the Face of Mars is a bit weird, with all kinds of dishes and no obvious collective theme.  It's as if they crowdsourced their menu on Gumtree.  
  • As you might imagine, Maya Masala was an Indian restaurant. I had eaten there before and thought it was pretty good. So, still a bit confused if the place was a rebranded, renovated crack by the same kitchen as before, we ordered the more Indian dishes on the menu.  Butter chicken, vegetarian biriyani and some wedges (because wedges).  
  • The food was so, so bad.  The curry and rice was like something you would get on an airplane, and the wedges were just strange.  Heavily fried to the extent we couldn't tell if there was potato in there or something else.  Very odd.  Very unenjoyable.  
  • That being said, we ate it, begrudgingly, scowling the whole time.


  • We gave the place a shot as there was a sign out the front offering happy hour cocktails, and while the cocktails took a while to come out those suckers were strong!  Disgustingly strong.  Value for money, maybe, but really gross to drink.  


  • Service was poor.  Took our drinks order and forgot about us for a while.  Said they would come back to take our food order when they brought us our cocktails after what seemed like 15 minutes, but then another guy came out ten minutes later to see if we were ready to order.  Um, yes, sir, we were ready a while ago, we are waiting on you. 
  • Bad, just bad.  Stop reading and skip to the end.  


  • The place looks pretty cool inside.  I like what they did with the renovation.  Felt like they were going for a 'bar in Bali' type vibe, with some open bifold windows at the front allowing people to drink while watching people walk by.  Inside very open with cheap woods, exposed roofting and fancy lights throughout.  
  • Didn't hate the look of the place.  


The Face on Mars is like the polar opposite of a Mark Ronson video clip.  I hated it.  Do not go here.  

3 sad faces (on Mars) out of 10

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