The Brisbane: Pretty good, for a Queenslander

Dinner on a Monday night at one of the original 'fancy pubs', the Brisbane on Brisbane Street.  


  • We went with a Chorizo, Olives and Polenta Starter Plate and a Pizza Bianca to start.  
  • The Biazza Bianca was extremely impressive.  Warm, crispy enough and doughy enough, rosmary and salt.  It's a simple formula but wonderful when pulled off well. 
  • The Start Plate was also good, though perhaps a bit simple for the $18.00 price.  It was cute how they stacked the polenta bricks like Jenga, but the olives are likely from a fancy jar and while the chorizo was delicious, again, I'm not sure it justifies that price.  
  • Madam Rabbit went with the vegetarian Beetroot Carpaccio salad and while she was happy with a new vegetarian option, at the end of the day it's just a salad.  She didn't complain though, she seemed happy enough. 
  • Mr and Ms. Foodie shared the Barramundi Special and the Pappardelle and said that while they looked impressive, they were a little disappointing.  The watermelon salad side with the Barramundi was quite nice and not something you see too often but ultimately couldn't bring the other elements up to something truly remarkable.  Neither meals were bad by any stretch, they just weren't incredible, and the Brisbane does charge some premium prices and so puts the pressure on itself. 
  • My eye fillet came out pre-sliced (a trend I'm really getting onboard with lately) with a coleslaw and chips.  I really loved this dish.  It costs $40 and so I was ready to attack it as being overpriced but I can say hand on heart I wasn't disappointed.  Delicious.  Would order again. 
  • For dessert we ordered the Spanish Doughnuts and the 'Trio'.  Both were equally disappointing. 
  • The Doughnuts lacked seasoning; predominantly sugar.  There was some cinnamon but who cares about that.  You don't win friends with cinnamon.  The chocolate sauce was overly rich and again lacked sweetness.  An overall bland dessert. 
  • The Trio was also lame.  There were a few nice things said about the panna cotta, but the other two cubes were pathetic.  The brownie was too dense and the vanilla coffee (???) cube again lacked any kind of discrete flavours.  It all kind of blended together into a kind of mush.  Was hard to get onto the fork and once you did your reward wasn't worth it.  Do not order.  



  • Drinks were served and drunk.  


  • Service was overall pretty good.  The place was fairly busy (certainly for a Monday night) but we received plenty of polite attention.  


  • We sat outside and there wasn't enough lighting to get any decent pictures of the outside, so I will have to return.  I love the feel of the Brisbane, though.  It feels like an Australian sans-Beach Club.  Open-aired outside with rich wood decking and plenty of plants everywhere.  A lovely atmosphere.  
  • At night the mosquitos ate me alive.  


A very good offering and worth a try provided you're not poor.  The menu is expensive but there are enough decent options there to make it worth a punt.  I was very very pleased with my steak, Mr and Ms Foodie was satisfied if not blown-away by their meals and we were all let down by the dessert.  A lovely atmosphere and some very good service.  Worth a try. 

7.5 lonely cinnamon jars out of 10

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