Romany: Somany reasons not to return

I know nothing about Rugby, but Madam Rabbit and I had been convinced to accompany Ms. Grey (a Nu Zulander) to watch the World Cup Final at the Sports Bar in Northbridge.  

We decided to try out somewhere new for dinner on the way, and for some reason ended up at Romany, on the corner of Aberdeen and Lake Streets.  Was it good?  No, it wasn't. 



  • Bread: The bread was free.  It wasn't great, but it was free.  
  • Fish of the Day:  I ordered the fish of the day, which cost $38 and came with a side of either salad, chips or polenta.  I ordered the salad.  I have no idea what fish it was because no-one told me.  It tasted bland.  The salad was some roughly chopped items thrown in a small bowl; nothing mixed together.  A solid layer of thickly chopped red onion sat on the top, like a mantle of bad breath hiding absolutely nothing interesting underneath.  It was not good.  It wasn't Crown Casino Fish On a Plate bad, but it wasn't far off. 
  • Pumpkin Ravioli:  Madam Rabbit ordered the pumpkin ravioli, and although it wasn't as bad as the fish of the day, it was still bad.  We weren't sure if it was home made pasta, but it certainly looked to me like out of a packet with a stir through sauce.  In fact, I decided to do the experiment and make the dish myself.  See if you can pick which is which.  They both tasted the same.  One cost $26 and the other cost significantly less.  
  • We skipped dessert and binged on Ben and Jerrys around the corner.  We suggest you do the same. 

ok.. it's pretty clear which one is the professional one.. but still.. is it really $20 better?  At the time we were fairly disappointed.. 


We ordered a glass of prosecco and a glass of pino grigio.  Like Porkys, just down the road, they were quite generous pours and I appreciated that.  


Our girl seemed disinterested, but the slightly older gentleman that welcomed us was much friendlier.  Perhaps I would have had a better night had he stuck with us for the evening, because the much younger waitress he passed us onto seemed resentful of our presence.  After a while I was pretty self-abusive for being there, too. 


We were sat between the drinks fridge and the toilets.  The drinks fridge provided a wonderful hum, almost like the fancy frequency you can get while rubbing your finger along a true crystal glass; except nothing like that really.  More bogan.  

The decor inside the restaurant is very dated.  Very 80s'ish.  I like the deep red terracotta on the walls, and the tablecloths, tables and chairs were all comfortable enough, but there's no doubt this feels like a restaurant that has lived in Northbridge for a very long time.  This place has seen some stabbings.  Maybe not inside; but this place is very comfortable among the Northbridge of old.  


Should you visit Romany?  No, you shouldn't.  

The man who welcomed us inside was very nice, and the tables and chairs were comfortable, but almost everything else was disappointing.  

Expensive, bland food.  Poor service.  Gross feel inside.  A seemingly functioning drinks fridge, but nothing more. Also, there was a line to get into the Sports Bar and then Australia lost the game anyways.  That's probably not the restaurant's fault, but it seems worth mentioning. 

I suppose I should note that there were quite a few people in the restaurant, which suggests that either a lot of other people have had a good time there before or they were coincidentally all trying it for the first time. So it's possible at least we just had a bad experience.  Seems unlikely, but if you're willing to roll the dice let us know how you go.. 

4 functioning drinks fridges out of 10

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