Doughnut Diaries: Pistachio and Rose Water, Mary Street Bakery

Having never had any rose water inspired baked goods, I wasn't sure what to expect from the Pistachio and Rose Water Doughnut from the Mary Street Bakery.  Donut number two from our sample from the Mecca on Mary Street, we were all somewhat surprised to find this number had a somewhat oily texture.  The Irish Hawk found it just a bit too much.  

The others of the group were happy to finish it, but I must confess most of us have shamefully low standards when it comes to densely calorific sweet things.  It did seem to be a somewhat oily, otherwise fairly standard, doughnut. Perhaps akin to a normal glaze, with some pistachios added for extra crunch.  Dipped in oil that had been stored near, but not too near, a rose garden. 

Like a bright-eyed beauty on a season of the Bachelor, although we had high hopes, and although it was very pretty to look at, it left us with a sleazy after taste and in the end there were not enough roses to go around. 

Certainly not a bad combination but I think we all expected something a little more. 

5.5 Bachelor Inspired Creations out of 10