The Mary Street Bakery: The Mecca on Mary Street

Madam Rabbit, Ms. Grey and I braved the queues at the Mary Street Bakery on a Sunday morning for brunch.  Was it worth the hype?  


  • Fried Chicken Buttermilk Pancakes - you don't order the Fried Chicken Buttermilk Pancakes without setting yourself in for a colossal meal, and the Mary Street Bakery doesn't disappoint.  I couldn't finish it.  I wanted to, but I just couldn't.  The combination of sweet maple syrup on a bed of buttermilk pancakes works out just the way you expect it to, except it's buried under crispy fried chicken and a yolky egg.  I've eaten some decadent things in my time and my body bears the scars of those bad decisions, so please appreciate the solemn tone when I say the Mary Street Bakery Fried Chicken Buttermilk Pancakes takes some time to recover from.  
  • Veggie Baked Eggs - Not terrible.  Both Madam Rabbit and Ms Grey ordered these and they came out looking quite different.  They both tasted the same level of ok.  


As we mentioned on Instagram, we ordered an iced coffee with a side of tramp stamp.  The coffee was good - the tramp stamp wasn't terrible, either. 


  • If you visit the place on a weekend in the morning you will probably have to wait for a table, which is not ideal but ok all things considered.  The difficulty is, however, that unlike the Tuck Shop where there is a lady ready to jump you at the entrance and take your name for the wait list, when we got to the Mary Street Bakery we kind of had to figure out the wait system for ourselves.  
  • This meant that we just kind of hung around at the start for a good ten minutes or so before we finally got someone's attention to ask about a wait list.  That person then told us to look out for a guy with a clipboard.   Ok, we thought.  What a fun pre-breakfast game, we thought. 
  • Eventually we found the clipboard guy and asked about a table.  He told us it would be about a 10 minute wait.  At this point we had been waiting a while already but we hung on, having heard about how great the place was.  
  • It does make me query however whether they were just having a bad day, or if the joint really is so confident in its current aura of invincibility that they are willing to treat people wanting to come in and spend money with such contempt.  
  • Please don't make us mill around awkwardly outside the front of your restaurant, optimistically hoping we might catch the attention of the wielder of the clipboard, so that we can begin the food-less waiting process.  Please make things a little easier on us?  
  • The food came out quite quickly. 
  • Once we had eaten out food we asked for the bill and didn't know how to pay for it.  I went inside to try to get someone's attention and, like the Clipboard Cluedo at the beginning, could not work out where I was supposed to go or who I was supposed to speak to.  You might think, 'well clearly the man is an idiot' and you're not wrong, but I will point out that I've eaten at places before and generally have the jist now for how this is meant to work.  There were waitresses and waiters walking by serving food and when I asked them how I was meant to pay they told me to just wait where I was and someone would come and sort me out. 
  • I'm not the CEO of a food related organisation but my quick tip is that when someone is ready to transfer valid currency to your establishment you should make it easy for them. 
  • Eventually someone came and took the receipt and processed payment, but I had to wait probably 5 minutes before the right person came to help me.  That doesn't sound like long, but it feels like an eternity when I'm awkwardly standing in the middle of a cafe while pretty people eat pretty food all around me.  It would have been bad already except I had also just eaten half a kilo of fried chicken pancakes and hadn't finished sweating.  


  • It's a pretty cool place.  We sat outisde, but inside also looked very comfortable and not too packed.  
  • Mount Lawley is lovely and the Mary Street Bakery has nailed its vibe very well. 


Was it worth the hype?  I would have to say not really, no.  The wait outside was pretty shit and although my meal was a lesson in how to die pleasurably the girls' eggs were tame and lame.  A good vibe and maybe we just caught them on a bad day, but sometimes that happens and then I choose to write about it.  

6 KFC Crepes out of 10

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