Little Bird Cafe: Very pretty meals that aren't awful to eat

Lately Madam Rabbit, Ms. Grey and I have been trying out hands at Northbridge Yoga on Sunday mornings.  It's ok.  There's lots of bending and stretching and that bit's fine, but then sometimes they make you chant 'Ommmm' and I'm not into that bit so much.  Also it's early in the morning and often I'm hungover at that time. So, in lieu of yoga one Sunday morning, we went out for greasy breakfast instead.  Less stretching, less weird chanting, also less yoga pants but overall I think a fair trade.  

Like most of our reviews lately, we are behind and so the notes / memory of food is sketchy.  The usual reservations apply. 


  • The food at the Little Bird is very pretty.  Very pretty.  
  • Benedict - A good Benedict.  I'm still a fan of béarnaise on the side, but this felt like a decent stack of bacon, spinach and eggs on a single toasted slice of bread.  The eggs were well cooked.  No complaints - recommend. 
  • Pancakes - an extremely pretty dish, with all kinds of floral decorations and fruit on a single sizeable pancake.  Unfortunately, despite how great it was to look at, it ended up being a little bland.  Underneath all that foliage there aren't all that many tasty sides, and, at the end of the day, a pancake is really just a canvass for other flavours to sparkle, and so without those flavours the meal is a bit of a disappointment. 
  • Avocado Bruschetta - Very nice on the first few bites, then became a bit boring by the end.  One of those dishes that needs some more contrast; something to remind you at the end of the meal of the flavours you enjoyed at the beginning of the meal. 


  • Madam Rabbit was served her English Breakfast tea with honey in a lovely arrangement. 
  • We were served tap water with sliced fruit in it.  Again, very pretty.  Not sure I could taste the difference though. 


  • Unfortunately the service at the Little Bird was just plain bad.  They were busy, so we could have given them some slack, but they just did nothing to make us like them and so slack shall not be given.  
  • It starts right on entry, as it's not clear whether you just grab a seat or whether there is some waiting list or what the go is.  We sat down upon a table becoming available and the waitress asked us if we could keep waiting a bit longer.  We thought it must be because there was a waiting list on the go, but it was because she thought we were a party of two, rather than a party of four, and they wanted the table to go to someone who was going to buy more food.  
  • Upon explaining there was actually four of us she let us sit down and laughed it off as a hilarious misunderstanding.  I still didn't like her afterwards, though. 
  • There was table service upon sitting down and that all went pretty smoothly. 
  • Later, we decided we wanted some extra coffees and couldn't get anyone's attention at the table.  So we lined up.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  It was, no joke, about a ten minute wait in the line.  
  • When finally got to the register it was clear what was causing the long wait.  After each order the guy at the register would pause and do some other stuff before taking the next person's order.  I have no idea what he was doing.  It looked like he was also running the kitchen and sending out meals in between taking each person's order. 
  • After finally taking my money, he gave me a number and told me I could wait outside if I wasn't ordering food.  So, I stood awkwardly holding a number outside, and waited, and waited, and waited.  We looked at our watch on finally receiving the coffee and I'm not exaggerating to say it took about 15 mins for a takeaway coffee.  Ugh.  We were not impressed. 


The Little Bird Cafe looks very nice inside.  They have artworks (for sale, presumably) hanging all over the walls and an artwork over their beautiful hard floors (I want to say fancy concrete?  I really don't know, though).  The tables, chairs and seats are all comfortable enough, and there was a gorgeous old leather couch for us to wait on while waiting for a table to open up.  

Again, very pretty everywhere you look.  They've done a good job. 


The title says it all, really.  The Little Bird Cafe looks great.  The food, the artwork, the furniture, the floors.  Everything is pretty all of the time.  Some of the food even tastes half decent.  The service, however, was woeful, and I won't soon forget it. 

Still better than hungover-yoga, though. 

6 very pretty hand-drawn Elsas out of 10

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