Duende: No idea how to pronounce it, let's call it Dewey for short

Following the East Perth Royals / Subi Lions WAFL game, Ms. Grey, Madam Rabbit and I trundled down to Leedy's favourite Spanish nobody-knows-how-to-pronounce-it-joint, Duende.  

As has become custom for Perth Food Blog, our meal was many months ago and as a result I don't have a great recollection of what was good and what wasn't.  The wine, surprisingly, hasn't helped my recollection.  So, the usual reservations apply.. 


  • Croquettes - Not what I had expected, although almost certainly due to my ignorance of what croquettes are rather than due to any fault of the kitchen.  It was like chicken nuggets, but for grown ups, and vegetarian. Lot's of corn I think? Not bad really. 
  • Tortilla - Don't recall. 
  • Calamari - These were great.  Not chewy at all, and each one stuffed with chorizo inside.  Delightful and something I heartily recommend. 
  • Chickpea Salad - I found this to be boring, but vegetarian Madam Rabbit quite liked it and said it had some fresh and clean flavours.  Still, though, to look at it seems boring. 
  • Roasted Pumpkin - Don't recall. 
  • Mushrooms - Don't recall. 
  • Patatas Bravas - Fancy chips.  Always order the fancy chips.  
  • Doughnut Balls - lthough it has been some time since we dined at Duende, I still remember our desserts.  The doughnut balls and their assorted chocolate / ice-cream complements were amazing.  Order them. Skip the main courses if you have to, but order them. 
  • Chocolate Trio - Although they looked like some poos on a plate, if you can get past that imagine the chocolate trio was also scrumptious.  Probably better than the doughnut balls, in my opinion, and again something you should absolutely order if you're in that part of Leedy. 


We had a bottle of wine at standard markup, and a bottle of Cider at some pretty extreme markup ($14.00 a smallish bottle!)


Service good - no complaints that I can remember.  


Due to the nature of the site, Duende has a bit of a weird setup with a bar in the centre of the restaurant and tables sprinkled around it.  There is an inside and outside part, and the outside has a very nice feel to it in the evenings as the sun goes down, and you look out towards the Leedy Strip.  

It's a nice feel, despite the restaurant's awkward layout and perhaps slightly smallish size.  We saw quite a few couples but I think you could comfortably fit a group of up to 8'ish.


It feels weird trying to come up with a score for Duende as I really can't remember the meal, didn't take great notes and don't really have much to say about it.  I suppose though the fact that I can't remember much perhaps suggests it was a bit of a 'meh' experience. 

The desserts were very very good, and there were a few tapas standouts (calamari and chorizo kablammo!) but nothing to make sure we return for.  It's a decent option, but when you take into account the prices (most seem to be about $13 - $16 per small'ish plate) I suppose we would expect a little more.  Leeds is always expensive, and Duende has been around a long time to command a premium on its menu, but if it was good enough to justify its prices then really I should remember a bit more.  

In the end, though, these scores I give out are completely meaningless and so I won't stop now. 

6.5 poops on a plate out of 10

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