Little Guildford: Overcooked eggs and antique'ing

Perth Food Blog's first breakfast review - in the middle of nowhere, Little Guildford! 

What is becoming the 'usual crew' of Ms. Grey, Rose Gold (and her for-the-moment-anonymous boyfriend), Madam Rabbit and I trekked out to Guildford to try out a popular breakfast spot, Little Guildford.  

Little Guildford is a quaint cafe opposite the Rose and Crown. They didn't do bookings for breakfast so we had to chance our arm, but were fortunate to get a nice table big enough for all of us in the middle of the front room at 10.30am.  We were quickly informed though that the table was booked for 12.00pm, so we'd be eating on a deadline once again.  

To be fair to Little Guildford and to Shirley, we knew from the moment we sat down that we had until 12.00pm. The thing is, for reasons I detail further below, a finite timeslot can make for an unenjoyable experience.  

You would think 90 minutes is plenty of time to enjoy a lazy Sunday breakfast with a nice atmosphere and good friends. Unfortunately, due to what was partly our fault and partly Little Guildford's fault, it was a long way to drive for an average breakfast and (shock incoming) not even the Guildford antique'ing could pick up our spirits.  


In my view, breakfast is easy to stuff up and hard to excel at. There aren't that many times I can remember ranting and raving about an amazing breakfast meal. There have been many times where I have been just 'satisfied', and plenty of times where I've been let down. Breakfast gets a rough deal I think as it seems real hard to blow up expectations with a well done breakfast meal. 

How does a chef set his/her eggs aside as the best? 

How great can a porridge really be?  

Anyways, that's just a bit of a rant. The breakfast at Little Guildford was ok but not good. It's not that the kitchen completely stuffed up, but none of us were celebrating the joy of eggs on toast as we left.   

I ordered the Eggs Benedict and you can see from the photos the egg was overcooked a little. The hollandaise sauce was great and the bacon/toast/greenery was all very good as well but it's very hard to come back from an overcooked egg. Good life advice, really.  

Madam Rabbit ordered poached eggs on toast with a side of beans and tomatoes (i.e. vego muck as usual). While her eggs seemed pretty good and the food came across as wholesome, unfortunately it lacked taste. I think this is a common problem with these cafes that serve their own style of baked beans. They seem all healthy and rustic and wonderful until you're required to actually eat them.

Rose Gold also went with vego muck, choosing eggs on toast with asparagus and tomatoes. Her eggs were overcooked too. The big breakfast ordered by The Rose Gold BF Experience seemed great and although I stuffed up the photo and couldn't really save it with after effects, you can see below his eggs were spot on.  

I think what we can say from this is: overcooked eggs, disaster.  


Nothing to report.  Coffees and waters.  Coffees were good, once they made it to us (see below). 


Service was great upon entering the cafe and sitting down.  We had two of our party running very late, so we decided we would order without them and they could sort themselves out when they got there. This, coupled with the fact that we had the table for 90 mins only, caused some difficulty for the Little Guildford staff.  

We got served promptly on sitting down and our food came out very quickly, but once the food hit the tables we were dead to them. We wanted some extra coffees after eating, no dice. I had planned to try one of their cakes/tarts on the menu, no tarts for me. 

When our friends finally arrived they couldn't get service as our table had ceased to exist. When they finally did get served they received their food promptly as well, but the staff seemed confused at only two of the seven people eating and gave us a wide berth - clearly cautious of any other unpredictable moves we might spring.  

This all would have been fine, except we wanted them to take more of our money. 

In the end, I left without my tart.  

When one of the ladies came to remind us all that Shirley had our table at 12.00pm and we'd have to get a wriggle on, Rose Gold and the Rose Gold Boyfriend Experience replied that was fine, but in that case could they have the coffees they ordered 20 minutes ago to be made take away. Thanks. 


The feel of the place was appropriate and enjoyable. I say appropriate as just a short walk away from Little  Guildford is a strip of five or six antique shops, which can make for a wonderful Sunday morning activity if you're either a committed hipster looking to decorate your house-share or a retiree looking to decorate your caravan.  


As I said above, breakfast gets a raw deal as it's so very hard to wow but so very easy to fall short of expectations. I think overall Little Guildford did fall short of expectations, mainly due to our overcooked eggs and the rough service experience. I think this was only made more bitter by the fact that we drove for 30 minutes to try it.  

Cost was fine. Place looked nice. Food and service let them down. 

Not really their fault, but the long drive and antique browsing drained my patience and left me feeling unforgiving.  

6 Impatient Shirleys out of 10. 

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